firstly, I will start by telling you about electro-magnets. I have found out that the more coils you have on your nail the more paper clips that you pick up. i started this experiment because of the amount of science badges that I have the first and only one is the raw data badge so […]

In scene 2 the way way brutus talks is as if he hates him with an passion. And because Caesar is going to the Lupercal games brutus is trying to use that as his advantage so he csn try to either take his place or kill Caesar. That is what i think about the homework […]

So far in act 3 Cassius is trying to get brutus to join forces with him so they can try to kill Casar. Another thing is that i think that brutus is jelous of Casar because he gets more respect from the people than brutus and he dont belive that Ceasar is worthy enough so […]

London in the future dose not have cars like it dose these days instead they have hover wheels on there cars. Also they speak different instead of English it is anglish it is Spanish and English Mixed together

On a hot sunny day in the place of Rio (Brazil). I was playing football with my cousins and friends when a man crest in a black sute it looked like it cost a fortune. He asked us if we whoud like to take part in a football tournament everyone said yes. ” so were […]

One day after school I was with my friends Calum and josiah. We were walking from school were our piches were and we walked past a door and without Calum and josiah knowing I secretly knocked a door and started to run they started to run is well but I was to fast for them. […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway